March Update/Almost There!

Hey, everyone. Hope spring is coming faster for some of you than it is in Minnesota. Bleh, I’m ready for warmer weather any day now. 

This month has been super exciting for me. Last week was the ASTA convention in Rhode Island and it was an amazing experience for me. Then, right after, I finished recording string parts for a friend of mine for her first record. I’ll tell you what, it sounds absolutely rad. Also, I am officially able to sound like a full orchestra, so watch out studio musicians! I’ll show you what I mean when I hear more from the project, but her name is Elyse Barnard, and she’s currently on tour, so check her out! Image

Now, onto the other topic. I have a solo show coming up this Friday at The Foundry Pub in Saint Paul, MN. If you’re interesting in checking it out for St. Patrick’s weekend, here’s the link: It should be a rad time, and I’ll try to throw in a fiddle tune or two for the sake of the weekend, but otherwise will be epic looping/stringscapes as usual. 🙂 

I’m so close to graduating school, and I cannot wait to be done so I can jump into the world of music head-on (apply directly to the forehead). Talk to you all soon! 

DGS Image


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