Moving/Album in a Week!

Hey, everyone. I am currently in the process of moving into a new space with some friends of mine. We’re in a prime location in Minneapolis and I will be allowed to play and record music in our apartment, so I plan on doing at least three videos a month, some live performances of original music, others will be produced cover songs, and some will be talking about how I can do what I do with my instrument and effects. 

I’m also finishing up the album as we speak! I swear, at least one of these songs might make you cry. That is my hope. I know it’s a weird thing to hope for, but these songs are truly beautiful and emotional works that I’m so so happy with. It is still scheduled for release next Tuesday, September 3rd, so watch out for a post from me! That’s all for now. 


P.S. This is my board for the indefinite future for all you gear lovers. I will talk about the whole set-up soon! 



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