Music Update/Happy Easter!

Hello, friends. Sorry I’ve been away so long. It’s hard to write these at a relevant time before work (I’m such a late sleeper…). Anyway, here’s that update!

Recording is officially done. We are moving towards the mixing and mastering process at the moment, and we are looking at a release date probably in August sometime now. I apologize for the push-back, but this thing is absolutely amazing and I want to give it the right amount of time to be mixed and mastered properly. We’re also going to do some BIG promotion stuff for it. Like, HUGE!!!!! So, heads up for that. I’ll probably record a live video or two of the songs to tide you guys over. For now, here are some pictures of us in the studio as well.

2014-03-13_20-57-38_121 2014-03-13_20-57-46_18 2014-03-13_20-57-49_996 2014-03-24_21-54-28_938


Thank you all for your support. Life is taking an amazing turn, and while there are some things I can’t even talk about yet, know that I’m going to be part of some great things because of you all believing in my work and listening to my music. It means the world to me, and we’re about to see it all come into fruition in the coming months, so please stick around until then! I promise you won’t be disappointed. Happy Easter, by the way! It’s early, but it should be a wonderful Sunday.



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