The People Involved/Elena Shumilova

With the release date set at August 21st, there’s still quite a bit of time before the album hits the internet and CDs are in my hands. However, there are so many people to thank for their contribution. I thought I would go in to detail just who they are and why they are important. Let’s start this week with the artwork.

Elena Shumilova is half a world away from me in Russia. I found her work stumbling through the internet and immediately fell in love. I sent her an e-mail regarding this album and it’s release, not expecting to hear back. However, the next day I had an e-mail from her saying we could work something out! I was and still am so humbled and grateful to work with Elena and have this be the face of Communion.

Communion Cover Final

Her other work is just as breath-taking and beautiful. I can guarantee you’ll love it too, check it out by clicking this highlighted sentence.

I’ll have a post thanking important people to the record until the release of the record, along with the single and a music video!



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