On Tour/Communion Release Delay

So I have an amazing announcement that I have been holding in for awhile and I’m exploding with excitement to finally be able to talk about it….I’m going on tour!!!!!

Some back story into how this came to be. A few years ago (2011), I got an amazing opportunity to work with this composer/arranger named Jeremy Larson. He does beautiful orchestral pop music on his own, as well as doing strings and recording for my favorite bands of all time: MuteMath, Eisley, Paper Route, Kye Kye. Most relevant to this story is Sucre and The Honey Trees. We performed and recorded a live DVD of his most recent album release, They Reappear, and Darren King of MuteMath (my hero) and his wife Stacy Dupree (now Stacy King) were helping with the show. I got to hang out with all three of them for a whole weekend, and then we met a year later (2012) at MuteMath’s concert at First Avenue in Minneapolis. Those two experiences have shaped me as a musician and what I have hoped to do with my music ever since.

Fast forward to April of this year. The Honey Trees finally release their long-anticipated first album, and I had waited for 4 years for this thing to come out…4 YEARS!! So, as expected, it was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard, and Jeremy recorded and produced the whole project. So, I e-mailed Becky and Jacob of The Honey Trees and asked if they would need someone to do all the strings work live, and if that could be me. A day later, they e-mailed back, said they looked at my music, and they wanted to have me onboard. Just goes to show you that you never know unless you ask!!!!

So, long story short, I’m going on tour with my favorite people in my favorite bands, being their one-man orchestra, across the U.S. in just about a month. This is going to be the craziest, most wonderful thing I have ever done.

“But what about the album?” Don’t worry, I’m still releasing it, but the release date has to be pushed back into October. I want to devote all my time to this tour, as this is a huge experience for me. At the same time, I want the release of my album to be meaningful as well, and it makes no sense to me to release the album during a time I cannot devote 100% to it’s release, do a show, and have CDs. So, I’m going to release the record officially in October (date to follow).

I’ll give you guys another single while I’m on the tour and hopefully that is enough to apologize for the delay, as well as full documentation of the tour I am on so you can see just what I’m up to. I’m so happy to put my musical talents together to support my favorite bands, and I can’t wait to get started!




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