SNJ Night Invitation

Hello, everyone! I hope things are going well with all of you. Thank you for all the support recently, it truly means a lot. I have sold around 700 CDs now, which as an independent artist, is quite amazing!! I have all of you to thank for that accomplishment.

Next weekend, I am performing at this thing called Saturday Night Jive (SNJ). It’s like SNL, but with a more “family-friendly” lineup of skits and videos. The event is being hosted at my church, Woodridge, that raises money from ticket sales for missions trips throughout the year. It’s a big event for us, and this year, I am the feature performer!! I’ll be playing with a drummer and bass player, and we are planning on making it very cool. Lasers, fog machines, the whole nine yards.

I’d love it if you would attend. You can purchase tickets here! Also, if you put my name in the Discount Code box, you’ll get a free concession item! I don’t want you to starve…

Thank you again for keeping up with me. I’ll have some new videos about my set-up and some music that I am working on soon! For now, here’s a video from last year’s SNJ to convince you to go.



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