Video-a-Week #4: Ableton

Hey everyone! So, this week is probably my last week of just talking a lot. I’ll try really hard to have a song or a cover or even just a full audio example next week. I figured this week, however, I should show you why I was so out of touch last year. I was learning a program called Ableton, learning to play keys/synth more efficiently, and how to produce all these sounds together for performances. A lot of this was for my job, but it’s directly flowed into my creative outlets in amazingly beautiful ways that I feel takes what I can do live to a brand new level. It was like learning 10 different instruments at the same time, but I hope you enjoy some of the sounds here and feel that it payed off when you start hearing it in my music! I hope you all have a wonderful last week of January! Make it count.



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