Video-a-Week #5: NPR Tiny Desk

Hey, everyone! Crazy snow happening in Minnesota, so sorry for the delay this week. Anyway, I submitted a video for a contest this week for NPR’s Tiny Desk, a series of videos on Youtube showcasing artists at the desks of NPR. Anyway, I got Matt and Ryan to play a stripped down version of my song Leap of Faith for this. We don’t know if anything will come of this, but it was really fun to do and we are excited about using a similar setup in the future to do more gigs like this for dinner hours around the cities or art gallery openings, just to incorporate the whole band in more places. I love doing solo work, but being in a band is where I’ve always wanted my music to be for. There’s an added energy and story being told when I have Matt and Ryan with me that doesn’t always come through with just myself. Plus, it really emphasizes to me the importance of community in music, which with an EP title like “Communion”, you would expect to be my intention! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this video, and stay safe out there if you are in MN right now!



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