Here I Remain

Hello, everyone. Thank you for being so patient with all my stuff. I gotta be honest, I don’t like posting about random stuff. I want my posts to be honest, to mean something, to be from the heart, and to be something that you all can enjoy reading. I’m not a “take a look at my food” kinda guy (most of the time…it’s gotta be REALLY good), or someone who wants to harp on you for getting more likes from your friends or whatever. I just want you to feel like when I make a post, that you are getting something from it.


And I’m happy to say, I have great news!! The new album, which is officially called ‘Here I Remain’ is completed!!! I’m so excited, I can’t hold it in anymore. We are planning on a release in November. Why so far away? Because we want to take this record to the next level still. We will be sending it all over the U.S. to my favorite radio stations, booking agencies, and news outlets to see if we can’t make this the biggest release we can. As soon as I have clearance to show you a single, I’ll make sure you guys are the first to hear about it.

As for shows, now that this is all over, I’m so excited to say that I want to be playing out more again. We are starting by playing a gig this Saturday, the 16th at the Maple Grove Art Festival from 11:30am to 2:00pm if you are around that area or just want to hang out with us for awhile! Then, we are performing at McNally Smith for their Artist & Industry class next Friday, the 22nd. These are just the first of many shows to come. Of course, the most important will be the Release Show, and as soon as I know where and when, you’ll be the first to know!

All right, that is what I have for you at the moment. If I can, I’m hoping to have another cover song up by the end of the week. I’ve been working really hard on this one, so hopefully you guys like it! Let’s just say, it’s better than a tall, but not as good as a venti.

I love you all, seriously. As we continue to release this record, I’ll be able to explain more of this journey and why it’s been so hard, and yet why it’s been more worth it than anything else I’ve done. To great things ahead.



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