Organized Chaos / Album Pre-Order


Oh my goodness, people. Excited to be sharing this with you finally. First song off the new record, out RIGHT NOW for your listening pleasure on all internet facets (Spotify, ITunes, etc.). I hope you’ll give it a listen and let me know what you think!! Friends and family I shared it with before this release loved that it felt like a perfect pairing of traditional sounding violin with my modern, electronic sound, saying it was their favorite on the album (which was a surprise to me, as I originally wasn’t expecting much from this song when I first wrote it. Shows how things change!)

Also, the album is available for pre-order starting now! You can click here, or you can click the banner on the side, and either will bring you to VOICE. Mitch (my friend and founder of the company) started this company to find a way to build a better world through the marketplace, giving 7% of ALL purchases on the site to a local charity in Minnesota. You even get to choose the local charity you are giving your money too! AND you get some amazing products!! I’m so happy to say that we are mutually partnering with each other to release the record, and they are doing an exclusive pre-order of the physical album right on their website. You’ll also get all THREE singles I’ll be releasing in the next month or two before the full album release when you pre-order, before the main media outlets even have them! It’s a win-win for you, I’d say. 🙂

That’s all for today! I hope this song gets stuck in your heads all day, and that you share it with those you care about (and dance with it! DANCE!). Don’t forget, we are playing a release show (event details listed on the website banner and in the shows tab) and it’d be great to see you there to help me celebrate the record when it officially comes out!






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