New Chapter

Hello, everyone. It’s been awhile. How are the kids? Your family all right? You get that thing checked out we talked about that we both agreed was too gross to mention?

Things have been crazy in the last few months. For one thing, the new album is out. It’s called Here I Remain, and you can check it out over in the music tab, buy a physical album by clicking the album artwork on the right, or by clicking HERE.

The other thing is I’ve done some huge soul searching. One of the biggest things from this is that I needed to leave my employment. So, I’m currently unemployed, but I think it’s anything but a bad thing. I feel new energy and vigor to pursue music whole-heartedly, something I’ve been missing for quite awhile…You just get caught up in this world and you don’t realize how much it drains you until you confront it. I made a trip to Nashville and I feel like I found my true self again and the weights on my soul disappeared.

I’m really excited because I have so much to share with you now: new songs, new videos, new projects and bands I’m going to be part of. You want proof? Check out how many shows I’m playing in the next month on the shows tab. There’s a pretty full calendar waiting there for ya! As I receive permission to talk about them and/or have things to actually show you about these new projects, I will post them on here and on Instagram (and link those to Twitter and Facebook, because who really uses those anymore? but I don’t want to alienate people who use those either, so there you go).

So, that’s it. I’m starting brand new into my pursuit of music. Nothing holding me back anymore, including myself (and a job, which, if you’d like to help me in that department, I’d be happy to receive it…). I look forward to seeing you at a show sometime! And let me know how you are liking the new album; so many have told me how much they love it and what it means to them, and I’m so thankful it is a transformative record for so many. Please keep sending me your thoughts on it!

Until next time,