Birthday & Christmas/New Music?

Hi, everyone!! Been a bit, but for great reasons. I’ve been so busy working with some pretty amazing musicians and projects. I had my birthday on the 18th of November and I made a lengthy post on Instagram about it, but to sum it up, I’ve been so thankful that this year, despite it’s difficulties, has been one of the best years of my career in music, and that’s thanks to all of your support in my move to being a full-time freelance musician. I’m proud to say that I’ll have so much to show for it in the new year.

Some news I can tell you about: I’m part of a new band called Margot, and we just successfully Kickstarted our new record! I’m really excited to work with this group on some powerful, thought-provoking folk music, and I think you’ll love how it sounds, so expect some wonderful music from them (us) in the new year too!

Enough promises of future stuff! Here’s what’s happening now! CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!! My absolute favorite time of the year, and not because of presents and material junk. It’s the lights (especially having them up after Christmas. I mean WAAAY after, like until February), the time with family and friends, the memories, the music, and most important of all, the spirit of hope, love, and light in our darkest times (the implication was for this time of year and Winter Solstice and all that, but it’s also fitting for our world at the moment too, isn’t it?). I encourage you to give in ways you haven’t before or scarcely do: work at a soup kitchen, donate a little extra to charities, both local and afar (especially relief efforts this year), and go out of your way to do something nice for a stranger. We can all love our family and friends, but true love is the love you have for the people you don’t know, so get into that Spirit of Giving with me!

I’ll be playing a whole lot of shows this Holiday season too, so go check out the shows page and come see one of the many places I’ll be playing at and say hi!! I’ve got some wicked cool (bet you never thought you’d see wicked used seriously again, did ya?) Christmas arrangements all written and ready to go! Maybe there are even some that I recorded….maybe even coming out this Friday….you never know (but you kinda know now, ya know? Look out for Friday, is all I’m sayin’).

That’s it. Be merry, jolly, happy souls and spread that merry around, would ya? It’s high time we inject some love and kindness back into the world, don’t you think? CHRISTMAS!



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