Christmas Album From Me To You!

Hey, all! I just released a Christmas Album!! It’s only a couple tunes, but I hope you enjoy the songs and my re-imaginings of what these classics can sound like. My friend, Emily Lindquist, did the vocals and my friend Andy Lowe of Andy Lowe Engineering mixed and mastered the record and I’m thankful they were willing to help out on this project.

Last but not least, I’m giving you the option of either having the songs for free or giving an amount that you think is worth the music you are listening to. However, instead of me pocketing the money, I’m going to collect it all and at the end of this year, will be giving 100% of it to a charity. I’m not sure what charity yet, but with everything going on this past year, there are plenty of causes to give to, and I’ll let you know what I choose and when I send it how much was raised!

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it. With how my schedule looks right now, I probably won’t be posting anything else here until the New Year, so Happy Holidays to one and all!

Love, DGS

Christmas Lights – David Gerald Sutton



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