Video-a-Week #4: Ableton

Hey everyone! So, this week is probably my last week of just talking a lot. I’ll try really hard to have a song or a cover or even just a full audio example next week. I figured this week, however, I should show you why I was so out of touch last year. I was learning a program called Ableton, learning to play keys/synth more efficiently, and how to produce all these sounds together for performances. A lot of this was for my job, but it’s directly flowed into my creative outlets in amazingly beautiful ways that I feel takes what I can do live to a brand new level. It was like learning 10 different instruments at the same time, but I hope you enjoy some of the sounds here and feel that it payed off when you start hearing it in my music! I hope you all have a wonderful last week of January! Make it count.



Video-a-Week #3: Violin Demo

Hey, everyone! This week, I decided to show you my violin! my lovely London5 model violin from Acoustic Electric Strings. It’s a five-string acoustic electric violin, so I can play violin and viola on one instrument! The pickup is designed by Gary Bartig, the founder and maker of Acoustic Electric Strings, and it’s one of the best in the market of classical stringed instruments at the moment. I’ve tried so many different systems, and his is, by far, the best one out there. Anyway, this video is just about how I get it to sound amazing through a P.A. system for playing with a band, recording for a song, or just even doing my basic solo shows with my pedals. I hope you all enjoy, even if it is a little nerdy this week!


Video Week 2 – Woodridge Youth Commercial

Hey everyone! This is a commercial I did for my workplace (not video, just the music). I know there’s no violin in this, but writing music for commercials, trailers, and movies is something I’ve always wanted to do as well as writing my own music. So, I figured if this is a part of me I enjoy, you should experience it too! This is part of my weekly video posts I’m going to do this year, so I hope you’ll keep checking back each week to see what else I’m working on!¬†Until next time!


Ted Talk/Recording Week

Hello, everyone. Happy May!!

Yesterday, I got to be a speaker at TedxUMN. It was a super humbling experience and I was honored to talk about my approach to the violin and about adding your unique voice to your passions. If the video pops up in the future, I’ll be sure to post it on here!

Today is an entirely different matter. Today is Day One. I’m going to spend the next few days recording the new album for you guys. I have some of my great friends helping me to create it, and if you are interested in our activity during this week, check out the Instagram @davidgsuttonvln (you can also just click one of the Instagram photos on the sidebar ->).

I’m so excited to start working on new material for you all and seeing where this record will take me musically. So, keep your eyes peeled all throughout the week for photos, video, and typical studio antics!


Online Shortcomings/Summer Shows

Hello, everyone! Sorry for the gap between posts. I could come up with many different excuses, but the reality is, it’s a challenge to talk about my life on here. I don’t ever know what to say or do, or how to present myself as a person. It’s much easier for me to play my music and for you guys to see my emotions and my personality through that versus me talking about it. Anyway, I’m going to try to continue working on that as we move forward together.

I’m so thankful for all the people that I’ve met while playing at the airport these last few months. You are all amazing, and I’m so happy I got to improve some of your days during that time. With your help, I’ve sold 1000 copies of my Communion EP! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support of my career and my music.

I’m getting really close to recording a new album! A lot of people have been asking if I have more, so I’m planning on starting to record in the next few months. Hopefully, you will see a new, 11-track album, around this time in 2016. I’ll post pictures of the recording process, try to capture some video and studio antics, and start showing you sneak peeks at the recording process, and you can find that all here or on Instagram! I am davidgsuttonvln on there, and I have an Instagram feed on the sidebar ->

Lastly, I’ve got some shows lined up! Check it out on the live page for more details, but get ready for a good list of shows this summer from yours truly! If you or someone you know is getting married and looking for a musician, I do that stuff too and I’m getting booked up quick for that as well.

Thank you so much for everything. I owe my life to your support of my music. Thank you.


Sunday Morning. The best. #WoodridgeChurch

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