River Valley Church Live Album Recording – Friday, June 16th, 6-9pm 14898 Energy Way Apple Valley, MN

This is going to be a really cool event recording River Valley Church’s new live album. It’s free, and should be an amazing night of music.

Stone Arch Bridge Festival – Saturday, June 17th,         3:30-4:15pm Stone Arch Bridge

Playing a show with the band again!! Been awhile since I’ve done a full band gig, so you won’t want to miss this!!

Sara Laske @ Kincaid’s – Wednesday, June 21st, 5-7PM

Playing a dinner hour with my friend, Sara! We will be playing a lot of her original music, so I’m really excited to support her in that.

Wedding – July 3rd

Balloon Race & DGS @ Eagles 34 – Thursday, July 13th 8:30-11pm $5

Opening for this show (with the full band, too!). Never played w/ Balloon Race or at the Eagles 34, but should be a pretty great time!

Maple Grove Art Fair – Saturday, July 15th, 11-1:30pm

Another chance to see the band in action. Probably will improvise a lot. For fun!

Wedding – July 21st


David is currently playing at Wooddale Church in Edina on Sunday mornings (9am and 10:30am). If you go to church or want to experience church, this is a pretty cool place to do it with some pretty awesome music.

3 thoughts on “Shows

  1. Saw you in the airport ~ You are amazing – keep following your dream – please keep us posted on your next performances!

  2. So honored to hear you at the Woodridge Church David!
    Words can not express how amazed we all were of the sequence of events.
    You played at our daughter’s wedding in Bemidji and what an honor THAT was…. and now you were playing at the Church where that same daughter and her husband were getting their first child dedicated to GOD with her sister and her husband as Godparents.
    We had no idea that you were there and the daughter that I am speaking of lives in Chicago.
    God is truly amazing!

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